11 Steps to Quitting Your Job

11 Steps to Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job or not? Everywhere you look, you will see people who are miserably
stumbling through each workday. The question that you need to
ask yourself is “am I one of those individuals?” If you answer
yes to that question, then you need to delve a little deeper and
ask yourself why you are unhappy. It might be because you are
unsatisfied with your current level of success or that you feel
unappreciated by your colleagues.

Quitting your job

11 Steps to Quitting Your Job
11 Steps to Quitting Your Job

1. Focus your business on YOUR passion: If you end up crafting
an online business that revolves around a particular niche that
you are not interested in, then you will certainly feel unhappy.
Even if this particular niche has the potential to make you
quite a bit of money you are still better off staying true to
yourself and investing in a subject that you actually love to be
a part of.

2. Set a deadline for leaving: If you know the exact date that
you plan on leaving your job you can count down the days and act
accordingly. Additionally, you will be able to feel so much
better when looking back because you will know that you made the
best decisions in your last couple days.

3. Find an accountability partner: The word “partner” does not
mean this person has to be your spouse. It could be another hard
working individual that just knows how to keep you on-track and
moving toward your goals. When you know you must answer to a
person you are likely going to work harder. In addition to that,
you are going to remove some of the stress because you are no
longer the only person keeping track of what needs to be done
every minute of every day.

Control your life

4. Don’t get discouraged by others: Remember, you have complete
control over your life, and you are the one who has to be
accountable for the overall choices you make. So essentially
this means that you should not give a hoot about negative
opinions that may come from those closest to you (friends,
neighbors, or even family).

5. Build that network: There is nothing worse than launching a
new product and having to continuously hunt down people to
promote it. This is precisely why you need to find the movers
and shakers of your particular niche. Befriend them and scratch
their back. Then call upon them whenever you need some help or
if you need attention to one of your new products.

6. Put finances first: Obviously, you are not going to be able
to make a million dollars right away, which is why you must
prioritize your finances before you begin your business journey.
All this means is that you need to pay your bills, create a
budget, and wisely spend your hard-earned dollars.

7. Appreciate the baby steps: I am not saying to act slowly or
to not shoot for the stars. By saying baby steps, I am implying
that it is better to take small steps each and every day than to
jump around and follow a hit or miss ideology of business. The
best way to do this is to create a plan. Make it action based!
Additionally, make sure that the plan covers everything from the
most obvious things in the beginning to the complex aspects at
the end. The more thorough the plan, the better. Once the plan
is constructed you can start at step 1 and work, work, work
until you get to the last step.

Daily goals

8. The power of daily goals: The first thing you should do every
day is write down what you want to get done for that day. The
goals should, for the most part, include everything. This means
you should include the smallest little goals to the big goals.
Remember to make those “big goals” big. By doing this, you will
increase your success rate.

9. The perks are a sham: I cannot tell you to quit your current
job. That is something you will certainly have to decide for
yourself. However, I must point out that an annual salary that
is close to 6-figures gives you the freedom to purchase your own
insurance and provide all the extra perks that your job
provided. In most cases, those so-called “perks” are either
regulated by law or given out as a means of compensation for
your daily contributions, which are not met with a higher

10. Make motivation a day-to-day exercise: Your doctor will tell
you that you should exercise every day. That is indeed a good
habit, however, incorporating motivational exercises into your
day-to-day routine can turn out to be a wiser investment
overall. For example, if you meditate about the success that you
feel is present in your future, read motivation materials, and
think about all the perks of success each day you will truly be
ready to take the bull by the horns each and every day.

11. Bring your spouse aboard (gain their support): It is already
an extremely difficult task to start your own business mainly
because of the uncertainty and risk, which relies heavily upon
your self-confidence. When you add a disapproving spouse who
constantly says “you are wasting your time” to the mix, then the
day-to-day responsibilities become even more of a hassle and the
overall odds of succeeding become even longer.

Hope these 11 steps helps you to decide if you want to quitting your

current job or stay as a part time employee.

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg



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