13 Ways to Get More Opt ins on Your Site

13 Ways to Get More Opt ins on Your Site

It would be a perfect world if everyone that visited your site

more opt ins
more opt ins

actually signed up for your list. I think we can both agree on
that. However, the problem with a 100% conversion rate is that
you honestly do not need all of those people on your list
because all of them are not your audience. You can find the real
customers that fit your criteria and pretty much guarantee they
will sign up by following these simple tips…more opt ins

Here we go

1. Offer a FREE product. This could be anything that appeals to
your ideal audience such as an ebook, a step-by-step guide, etc…
The key to using this to your advantage is to make sure the
person knows that they are getting an actual gift, which would
usually cost them money.

2. Advertise that FREE product. Do not be afraid to put that
sign-up box at the end of each article or at the top and bottom
of your website. Putting a pop-up or slide-in is a great tactic
as well, but make sure the sign-up does not bombard them as soon
as they get on your website. Set a timer or a scroll-oriented
type of requirement.

3. Special offers: Everyone loves coupons, special offers, and
discounts, but usually end up failing to use them because they
cannot use them. So if you are going to use any of these, make
sure you market them right. For example, if you sell recycled
ink for printers you could give a free e-book that explains five
reasons people pay too much for brand new ink from the store. In
addition to that, you could include a 10% off discount code for
their 1st order of anything on the site.

4. Loyalty is essential. A loyal customer deserves to be
rewarded so make sure you have some type of loyalty program. For
example, a customer that subscribes to your updates and offers
get 5% off every order they make.

Wait, there is more

5. Unique sign-up forms. Speaking more conversationally in your
sign-up form can make a huge difference in how many people
opt ins. Think about how you would talk to a friend and use that
type of diction, syntax, and tone.

6. Short and to the point. The concrete evidence shows that
shorter sign-up forms are much better than the long forms that
want a name, age, etc… Test this on your website.

7. Offer a compelling podcast: Treat your subscribers right by
providing them an informative podcast that teaches them valuable
information, while also letting them gain some insight into your

8. A BONUS. People love when they see things like “get a free
____ when you place your first order” or “sign up NOW and get
the limited discount code.”

Soon there, get more opt ins

9. Offer a free course. A 30-day course is ideal and at the end
of the course you can either expand the course and charge a
small fee or discontinue the course and expect to have some
loyal customers on your side.

10. Offer a trial period/free demo. This varies depending on
your particular product, but the idea is still the same. Catch
the interest of the person, leave them hanging, and wait for
them to invest further.

11. Create a quiz, test, or assessment. This is a brilliant
method because the potential customer will take your quiz and
then be asked to join your email list for their results.

12. Incentivize people to become a member. This is a very simple
process, but it perhaps one of the most powerful tactics. Charge
a small membership fee, provide members with exclusive
information that is top-of-the-line, and make the sign-up very

13. Offer webinars. This is very similar to the podcast idea
because it gives the potential customer a chance to see that you
are trustworthy. In addition to that, it allows them to realize
that you are knowledgeable.

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg

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