13 Ways to Increase Your Click Through Rate

13 Ways to Increase Your Click Through Rate

After spending an hour crafting the perfect email, you find
that no one is clicking the important links inside it. Increase your click through rate.

Maybe you have created an advertisement banner with AdWords, yet no one is

click through rate
click through rate

clicking it. I’m sure that you have been through this rather
disappointing experience at least once in your life as an
entrepreneur. You are left wondering what you could have done
differently. We will address some simple methods of ensuring
that your emails and advertisements are generating more clicks.

#1: Include a call to action that specifically tells the user to

#2: Provide the user with a free offer for clicking. If the
reader knows that they are going to get free information, then
they are going to be more motivated to click. You can always
include this free information or free report inside of the sales

#3: Make it easier for the reader to visualize what they will
see when they click. People tend to be nervous about anything
new because they have no idea what to expect. On the other hand,
this nervousness is offset when a person knows what to expect.
Advertisements serves as a gateway to new areas so you need to
provide comfort by making it easier for the reader to visualize
what they will see when they click. The better you are at
creating a visual of what to expect, the more clicks you will

#4: Describe what happens when the reader clicks. Advertisements
that do not provide any clues as to what a user should expect
are called “blind clicks’. They convert poorly. Just like with
visualization, a user will be more apt to click an ad when they
know exactly what to expect.

#5: Show them the benefits of clicking. By “show them” I mean
that you need to include a picture on your advertisement. This
picture must show the user how they are going to benefit from
clicking on the advertisement. Are you going to show them the
secret to gardening? Then show them a picture of a beautiful

#6: Even freebies must have a compelling title. If you are
giving away a free eBook for example, then be sure that the
title entices and implies that the book will be a great deal!
‘Free Gardening Guide’ is not good enough. Go with something
like ’19 Amazing Gardening Tips that Work.’

#7: Place a coupon in your email when possible. Coupons are
powerful attention grabbers. Everyone loves to save money so you
can stimulate this instinct by placing coupons in emails. This
only works for emails sent using HTML.

#8: Discuss the value that the user will gain when they click.

#9: Include a benefit in the headline of your advertisement or
the subject line of your email. This benefit should provide a
fix for a pain point that is specific to your audience.

#10: Ask a question that addresses a pain point for your target

#11: Ask an informal question. Questions peak curiosity. It
doesn’t necessarily have to address a pain point (although those
do tend to work better). The question you ask can be anything
you want, so long as it pertains to the niche.

#12: Always be direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Let them know
that you’ve got a great offer for them and then come out and say

#13: Provide only information that is useful. Some people make
the mistake of creating an attractive subject line or header and
then don’t back it up with the content. Be sure that your
content matches your headline. Then when they click through, be
sure that the information they are going to see is useful.

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg

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