4 Step Proof Reading Checklist

4 Step Proof Reading Checklist

You need to proofread the article even if your spell checker
did not find any problems. Spell checkers can be fooled and they
often miss common errors such as using the word “to” instead of
“too.” Proof reading checklist

Follow this proof reading checklist and you’ll do just fine:

1. Run your spell checker and correct all the errors it finds if

proof reading checklist
proof reading checklist

you’re certain the word is misspelled. Sometimes the word is
spelled right, but if it’s not in the spell checker’s
dictionary, the spell checker will flag it as incorrect. If you
need to double-check the spelling, get out your paper dictionary
or look the word up in dictionary.com.

2. After that, print the copy to paper and then read it out
loud. Many of the most successful writers will read their copy
backwards by starting at the last word of the last sentence and
reading each word straight through to the first word of the
first sentence. Because you know what you intended to say, your
brain is likely to fill in missing words and compensate for
misspellings. Reading backwards forces you to concentrate on
every single word individually rather than having your brain
interpret the “concept” of what your eyes are seeing.

3. If you have the luxury of time, put the article or Article
aside after the first round of proofreading and come back to it
for another round in a day or so. That way, you’ll be able to
look at what you’ve written with “fresh eyes.”

Next on the proofreading checklist

4. Once you think the copy is good to go, you should have
someone else read it. Ask the reader to point out any spelling
errors as well as any sentences or concepts that are not clear.
Emphasize that you are not looking for editorial opinions.

Yes, proofreading is a lot of work but it’s a lot easier to do
than suffering through the embarrassment of looking ignorant
because you sent something out that was full of errors or that
had even one error in it. Believe it or not, errors in your
article can lessen its credibility, no matter how good it is.

Articles are a great way to raise your visibility and drive
traffic to your web site. Once you get into the habit of writing
them there’s no reason why you can’t put out one or more
articles every week.

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