10 Ways To Get More Subscribers

10 Ways To Get More Subscribers

There’s a fortune that lays hidden in your mailing list and the
bigger your list, the bigger fortune for you to tap. That’s why
these 10 tips for getting more subscribers are almost as good as
money in the bank…

1. Include a call to action at the end of your blog posts.

Let your visitors know that if they like your blog posts,

get more subscribers
get more subscribers

they’ll love your newsletter content. That’s because you save
some of your best niche tips, tricks and secrets for
subscribers. To get more subscribers, include a link to your
landing page at the bottom of your posts, along with a reason to
click on that link. Example Discover 101 more weight loss
tricks for free – click here!

2. Encourage a viral effect.

You can get more subscribers simply by including a note at the
bottom of every newsletter where you encourage your existing
subscribers to forward your email to their friends, family and
colleagues who could benefit from the information. Example “Do
you know someone else who could benefit from these dog training
secrets Please forward this email to them – they’ll thank you
for it!”

3. Use your forum signature file to get new subscribers.

If you’re visiting busy niche forums, include an ad and a call
to action in your forum signature. Example “Free report reveals
the health secrets your doctor doesn’t want you to know! Click
here to claim your copy now…”

4. Point your Twitter followers to a free report.

You can use Twitter.com as well as other social media sites
(like Facebook.com) to grow your list. Simply point your fans
and followers towards your squeeze page to pick up a free
report. Include this link on your profile page as well as in
some of your posts (“tweets”).

5. Embed your links in your products.

Sometimes people share your digital products with their friends.
Sometimes they give away or sell pirated copies of your product.
Either way, you can benefit from this if you include links to
your squeeze page in your paid products.

6. Drive traffic to your landing page using videos.

You can create YouTube.com videos for the sole purpose of
driving traffic to your newsletter sign up page. To get the best
results, include a call to action at the end of your video where
you promise viewers they can get the second part of the video –
for free – when they join your list.

7. Tap into Web 2.0 sites to get new subscribers.

Create Tumblr, Blogspot, Blogger pages around niche topics with
the purpose of driving visitors to your landing page. In other
words, all your links should point to your squeeze page.

8. Co-promote with others in your niche.

Here you can swap endorsements with your partners. You can post
your endorsements on your respective blogs as well as in your

9. Unleash the power of content marketing.

First create a multi-part article series around a niche topic.
Then upload Part 1 to the article directories (such as
EzineArticles.com) and upload the rest of the series to your
autoresponder. Use your article byline to encourage people to
get Part 2 of the article by clicking through to your squeeze

10. Form a newsletter co-op.

Do a co-registration deal with one or more people in your niche.
That is, when a prospect is joining your partner’s newsletter,
they also get the option of joining your newsletter at the same
time (simply by checking a checkbox).

Don’t feel overwhelmed that you need to do every single one of
these methods to build your list. Whilst all of them work, it’s
completely dependant on your marketing style, what you feel
comfortable doing and what gets results.

Pick a method from the list, try it out, take note of your
results and see if it’s worth scaling up. Just imagine how big
your list will be once you commit to any method!

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg

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