13 ways to make Your Squeeze Pages Convert

13 ways to make Your Squeeze Pages Convert

So the question everyone seems to be asking is “How can I get
my squeeze pages to convert at unbelievabe rates?” Here are 13
actions that you can take when constructing every landing page
to increase your conversions.

Make your squeeze pages convert
Make your squeeze pages convert

1. The first question you must ask yourself is “who am I talking
to?” Essentially this boils down to who are they and what
exactly do they want. However, the even bigger aspect involves
using the appropriate words and images to appeal to certain
customers that come into contact with your squeeze page.

2. The most common mistake that people make when it comes to
crafting a squeeze page is believing more is better. That belief
would make sense if people would pay attention, read all the
information, and then act accordingly. Sadly, that is not the
case. The overwhelming majority of people will see a crowded
page, become bored or anxious, and leave the page. KEEP IT
SIMPLE and think about the average person’s attention span (3

3. Split-test EVERYTHING. Use “Google website optimizer” and
test it all ( graphics, opt-in button, fonts, your colors,
headlines, etc… )

4. Remember everything should trickle down from the headline. So
different font colors and sizes are fine, but that headline
should be your one concrete focal point that immediately
captures everyone’s attention.

More to come

5. Consistency is the key. Do not list information that could
ever be perceived as being counterintuitive to the point. For
example, do not construct a headline that reads “The
unbelievable benefits of weight loss” and then include bullet
points that focus on the benefits of exercise. Inconsistencies
lead to confusion, which leads to losing potential customers.

6. This might sound obvious, but make sure your sales page and
squeeze page are centered around one another. In other words, do
not have a sales page that informs readers about strategies to
generate traffic and then have a squeeze page that refers to
internet marketing in general.

7. Be enticing and sell the benefits. You are not selling a rack
of ribs. You are selling the sweet and zesty taste of the sauce,
the tender meat that brings satisfaction to all, and the smell
that fills up a room.

8. Disregard your personal opinion. You might think that you
found the greatest headline, bullet points, and color scheme,
but in reality, it boils down to the central question (“what
converts the best?”). Remember #3. TEST EVERYTHING.

9. Think about that fold. Remember, your squeeze page is likely
to extend past that fold, which divides a computer screen into
what people see without scrolling and the bottom that is
accessible to those who choose to scroll. The difference is that
those who want to scroll should be the individuals who have not
made up their minds. So that means the non-scrollers should see
the most important stuff (the headline, bullets, and opt-in

Soon there

10. Tell them what needs to be done. Apparently, your visitors
are looking for something. Why else would they be on your
squeeze page? Do not be long-winded. Simply tell them what they
are getting and what they need to do.


11. Colors make a difference. It may be hard to believe, but
distinct colors have been shown to convert more often than
others; however, these colors vary based on your offers and
audience. So try some different colors and test, test, test.

Note: Try introducing opposite colors from the color wheel to
your page and see if that helps.

12. Radiate true characteristics. This means putting your
contact information at the bottom of the page, displaying your
logo, including concrete testimonials that sound great, and
including how long you have been in business. Additionally, you
can include any awards or certificates that show legitimacy.
Remember, DO NOT clutter the page.

13. Ask questions. The best squeeze page tactic is to simply ask
questions that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” For
example, “Would you like to lose 15 pounds?” Do you want to be
loved by everyone? Would you like to look 5 years younger?” Just
by being on your website they are in a so-called “yes frame of
mind,” which essentially means introducing these types of
questions almost guarantees they will choose to opt into your

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg

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