3 Easy Systems to Build Your List and Make More Money

3 Easy Systems to Build Your List and Make More Money

The two questions that I hear a lot are something along the
lines of “How do you make money quickly?” and “How do I build my
list?” Well, I used to see those two questions as entirely


Build Your List and Make More Money
Build Your List and Make More Money

subjects. However, I now believe there are three
solutions that do both simultaneously.

Method #1: Give a product away -> Virally attract affiliates ->Build your list of buyers -> AND Make Money

You are going to give a product to a consumer. Following that,
you are going to ask them if they want to SELL that product for
an immediate profit (100% commission).

At first, you can give the product out in exchange for
testimonials. Then you can drop the price significantly and ask
those same individuals if they would like to promote the product
for 100% commission. Remember to put your affiliate link inside
your product that sells another product, or simply place another
link to another one of your products.

Keep an open mind when it comes to finding people to promote
your product. They do not have to have a list or even a website.
They can draw attention to your product just by sending out
tweets or making a post about it on Facebook. The download page
will invite buyers to promote the product in exchange for 100%
commission. This strategy will lead to a constant influx of new

At this point, you are indeed building your email list, and you
are making MONEY with the link you placed inside your product.
In addition to that, you can place your “money making link” on
the download page. Just be sure that your 100% commission
promotion is present on that page.

Keep in mind that the building of your list is more important
than making a quick buck because people on that list are the
individuals who will have a tendency to buy from you in the

BEING SMART: Place your affiliate link inside the product and on
the download page to a continuity program such as an on-going
membership/software program. By doing this, you’lls get even
more money (months in advance).

Method # 2: Sell written content cheap -> Provide live courses
to buyers -> Invite them to promote your product

This method will include selling your report very cheap (roughly
$5) in an attempt to get as many successful sales as possible.
Collect your testimonials and put them on your sales page.
Following that, upgrade the product to a “live training” program
and sell at 7-20 times the price.

Make sure that you inform all your initial buyers that they will
get the training program for FREE. Then ask them to promote your
training program for a 50-75% commission. Essentially all they
have to do is send people to your webinar.

At the webinar make sure you include valuable information that
is substantial and then promote the offer. Remember, live
webinars are very successful because buyers get a feeling that
it is personalized, which makes them more likely to buy what you
are selling. Once again you are making MONEY and building your

Method # 3: Contact forum owner -> Offer 100% commissions ->
Recruit buyers into affiliates

This method is very similar to method 1. However, this time you
are going to give your product away, contact forum owners (as
well as website owners) and introduce the idea of 100% instant
commissions in exchange for their cooperation (promoting your
product in banner ads on their site).

The one-time offer page will now offer buyers a 100% commission
if they choose to sell your product. Do the same thing on the
download page as well. Also, you can add an affiliate link
inside the product and on the download page. This will allow you
to make even more cash.

Remember, methods #1, and #3 are all about building a list that
is comprised of people that will accept promotions from you in
the future. The second priority is making money quickly.

Method#2 is essentially the reverse of this. Just think about
selling a $100 training program at 50% commission. You can make
some serious money very quickly. Additionally, you are building
your list. You’ll actually have 3 lists. One consists of those
who purchased your inexpensive product. The second is comprised
of those who signed up for your webinar. Lastly, there is the
list of those who made the big investment in your training

Now you should know that even a new marketer can make money and
build a list simultaneously. All it takes is a little work,
strategy, and determination.


To your success

Erlend Solvberg

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