Building A Bond

Building A Bond

Building a bond. People buy from people they trust. And while it’s not likely

building a bond
building a bond

that you will ever build a one-on-one personal relationship with
every client or prospect, you will not see constant and steady
sales growth until you manage to create a relationship of trust
with your prospects and customers.

Relationship selling is the only type of selling that is going
to build a long-term sustainable business model for you.

Here are some more useful tips for building trust when you send

Eight Sure-Fire Tips for Building A Bond

* Send only relevant information that will help your readers see
you as an expert in your field.

* Create an online persona that sets you apart as a live person
and not just some plastic corporate face. Provide anecdotes,
tell people what’s going on in your life, from time to time, and
give them other ways to come to know “you” and not just your

* Do not constantly throw sales pitches. Some of your Article
should simply be interesting and timely.

* Create free offers that are relevant to your products or
services and give them away with no strings attached.

* Always be truthful.

* No hype allowed.

* Never recommend someone else’s product or service unless you
have used it yourself and find it to be all that the
manufacturer or service provider claims that it is.

* Respect your reader’s time. Keep your messages short yet


Don’t expect to build a relationship overnight. It’s a time
consuming process that will pay off well once it begins to
happen. If you think you don’t have the time, think again.
Fact is: The exact amount of time that it takes to build a
relationship is going to pass whether you take the steps to do
it or not. The only difference is going to be how profitable
your business is at the end of that time. It’s all up to you.


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