5 Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

5 Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

A blog without readers is pretty much useless. If you’ve been

get traffic
get traffic

blogging for a while and have only been getting a trickle of
viewers to your posts, you need to put a traffic building plan
into action. Building traffic is just as an important skill to
bloggers as writing quality posts is. 5 Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog.

Most bloggers are terrific
at creating content but don’t know a thing about building
traffic. Here is a quick guide to the five most popular (and
most effective) traffic building techniques.

1. Get social

Social networking and blogging go hand in hand. Your blog posts
can be distributed across social networking channels in many
different ways. Sign up for Twitter and tweet about your posts
as soon as they are added to you blog. Update your Facebook
status with a link to you new blog posts. Submit your stories to
Digg.com, Reddit.com and StumbleUpon.com. Remember that in order
for social networking to be effective, you need to participate
with other people on your list. If you visit their links and
respond to their updates, they’ll be likely to do the same for

2. Get noticed

Find blogs in your niche and start following their posts. Make
sure to add insightful and interesting comments on their posts.
Not only will the blog owner take notice and visit your blog,
other commenters will visit your blog to get more of your great
insight into the topic. Don’t spread yourself too thin with blog
commenting, but make it a point to comment on a few related
blogs each week. Get traffic just getting noticed.

3. Get good use out of your RSS feed

RSS feeds are a way to syndicate your blog’s content so that it
is sent to many different people in their own blog readers or on
their own sites. Most blogging systems have RSS feeds
automatically included but you can add a lot more functionality
to your feed by using a free service like FeedBurner.com. With
FeedBurner you can add things like sharing the feed via e-mail
to your feed so it will pull in new readers and encourage
previous visitors to come back to the blog again.

4. Get articles in directories

You may think that by being a blogger you can ignore article
marketing. However, you can get a lot of traffic to your blog by
tweaking some of your popular blog posts and adding them to
article directories. You can post your popular posts as articles
with a link back to your blog in many different article
directories. Not only will you get a valuable backlink but your
article may also be used by ezine owners which will bring you
more traffic. Get traffic using articles.

5. Get backlinking

Speaking of backlinks, you should work to build backlinks to
your blog through several different means. By creating backlinks
to your blog, you’ll improve your blog’s ranking in search
engine results. You can get lots of traffic from search engines
if you are within the first group of search results for your
keywords. Get traffic using SEO.

These five ways of building traffic can be used over and over
again to help build traffic to your blog and increase your


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