The Article Anatomy

The Article Anatomy

An Article is divided into these three separate and distinct

1. Headline (Subject)
2. Message Body
3. Call To Action

It doesn’t do any good to get just one or two parts right. You
need to hit all three squarely on the head if you want to make
sales. That is why I have made this Article Anatomy article.

I already covered the fact that it isn’t the “job” of the
Article to make the sale. Its job is to simply get the person to
the point where he or she clicks on the link (“Call to Action”)
that takes them to the sales or landing page.

Here’s a more in-depth look at each part:

Headline (Subject)

The subject of an Article is exactly the same as a headline in a
classified ad. They both share the same properties and they both
share the same goal of enticing the reader to read more.

Because so many people scan the subjects of their Article in
order to decide whether or not they are interested in reading
more, you need to put as much work into writing that one
sentence as you will put into writing the body of the mail.

Before you even begin writing your subject headline, stop and
think about which of these headline types will work best with
your offer.

article anatomy
article anatomy

Benefit Headlines

Benefit headlines should clearly state whatever the benefit is
of the product or service that you are promoting, or the benefit
of reading the body of the Article.

Avoid using hype, buzz words, ALL CAPS, or lots of exclamation
points in the article anatomy! None of these tricks work and you’ll only turn your
reader off.

Example Benefit Headlines:

* Save 50% on most printer supplies
* You can lose 10 pound in 10 days
* “Erase” Wrinkles Instantly

These headlines clearly demonstrate to the reader what the
benefit of reading your Article will be. People who are
interested in gaining that benefit will read your message. Those
who are not, will not.

Problem Headlines

Problem Headlines are similar to Benefit Headlines in that they
do convey an “assumed” benefit. The headline works by asking a
pointed question and then leaving the reader to conclude that
the answer to the pain that question elicits can be found in the
Article. In the article anatomy that is.

Example Problem Headlines:

* Embarrassed By Age Lines?
* Is Your Vocabulary Holding You Back?
* Does Sexual Intimacy Embarrass You?

Problem headlines should never beat around the bush. The reader
has a pain and you have the cure. All you’ve got to do is stick
your finger right in the middle of that pain and give your
finger a good twist. You’ll be rewarded with more sales as a

Question Headlines

Although Question Headlines may appear to be identical to
Problem Headlines, there is one important difference. Problem
Headlines are designed to make people squirm, while Question
Headlines are designed to make them dream or say “aaahh.”

Example Question Headlines:

* Would you like more money on your paycheck?
* Want to retire in 2 years?
* Need An Affordable Vacation?

Question Headlines should be structured so that a “Yes” answer
is a good thing and a “No” answer is a bad thing.

Guarantee Headlines

Guarantee Headlines are designed to remove any doubt from the
reader’s mind that what you are offering is the sure-fire cure
for what ails them. 

Example Guarantee Headlines:

* Stop Smoking – Guaranteed
* Guaranteed Mortgages
* Earn A Guaranteed Income From Home

It’s important to note here that you need to make sure the
product or service you are selling really does have a guarantee
that matches what you promised in the Article.

Offer Headlines

Offer Headlines are designed to entice the reader to take action
now in order to avoid missing out on a limited-time opportunity
or a special opportunity.

Example Offer Headlines in Article Anatomy:

* Free Shipping Today Only
* Buy One DVD get One Free
* Free Upgrade To Deluxe Cabin If You Book By Tomorrow

If you make sure your offer is a strong one, you will increase
your chances of getting a good response.


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