Awesome Headlines

Awesome headlines

There is no one fast and firm technique for writing a headline.

awesome headlines
awesome headlines

If the headline works – it’s written correctly. If it doesn’t
work, you’ll know. Awesome headlines.

There are, however, some basic headline rules that always work.
All you have to do is learn the rules and then write headlines
that obey those rules.

1. Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)

Don’t beat around the bush; don’t try to use clever word play.
Just deliver your message and let the headline do its job.

• “Free Shipping On All Harry Potter Books Ordered By January 31”
• “Save 30% on Authentic Designer Purses”
• “Lose 3 Dress Sizes In 30 Days”
• “Learn How to Increase Your Trading Skills at a No-Cost Online Seminar”
• “Pay Less for Valentine’s Day Flowers: Pre-Order Today”

2. Keep the benefit out in front of the reader

Don’t make readers wonder what’s in it for them. State it up
front and state it loud and clear.

• Order 12 months of eBay News and get 10 eBay Store Templates Free!
• Make $750 per week in your spare time by cleaning window blinds
• Quit Smoking in 30 days WITHOUT Cold Turkey Symptoms
• Learn how to profit from the coming oil shortage

3. Try writing a newsworthy headline

People love a “newsy” headline. Newspaper journalists know that
so take a cue from their writing style and watch your sales
grow. This type of headline skirts a bit around the “funnel”
concept because it doesn’t necessarily weed out the interested
from the disinterested, but it’s powerful enough to make it
worth trying.

• “Brazilian Botanist Discovers Anti-Aging Nectar In Common Planter”
• “Unemployed Truck Driver Finds Gold In Recycled Garage Junk”
• “Created for his own kids, Dermatologist announces new acne treatment”
• “Home Business Accountant Reveals 50 Legal Tax Deductions YOU Overlooked!”

Don’t be concerned if the product or service isn’t brand new. It
doesn’t have to be brand new to be “news” to someone who has
never heard of it.

4. Use the power of “How To”

You almost can’t go wrong with a “How To” headline. People love
learning new ways to accomplish things and they love to look
knowledgeable to their friends.

• “How to Hypnotize ANYONE in 2 minutes or less”
• “How to write awesome headlines every time”
• “How to do all the magic tricks you see on TV”
• “How to make money in your spare time with a block of wood and a pencil”


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5. Give them a juicy question to ponder.

Pose a question that can only lead them to read your Article to
get the answer. People love questions and they’ll love your
product or service if it answers it for them.

* “Was your last raise as big as you deserved it to be?”
* “Have you ever made THIS mistake on your resume?”
* “What do people think when they hear you talk?”
* “Have you ever been nervous about approaching someone you’d like to meet?”

6. Give them a direct command.

There are plenty of people who are waiting for someone to tell
them what to do. You can be their leader if you craft the right
and awesome headlines.

* “Stop wasting time and get the promotion you deserve”
* “Don’t let shyness stop you from finding true love”
* “Stop losing at the poker table. Read this article now”
* “Stop looking like you dressed in the dark”

7. Offer people life-changing information

People spend billions of dollars every year on books, magazines,
newspapers and newsletters because they want to change their
lives. You can tap into that huge market with your life-changing

* “Ten Steps You Need To Take Now To Terrorist-Proof Your Portfolio”
* “Discover The 5 Easy Steps To Writing Your Own Sales Copy”
* “10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Add 20 Years To Your Life”
* “What Your Dentist Hopes You’ll Never Discover About Over-billing”

8. Use testimonials to let other people sell for you.

You don’t have to be an expert as long as someone else is
willing to praise your product or service. You get a double bang
because people want to own or use things that are popular and
they want to associate with successful or popular people.

* “Read what your stockbroker is reading and know what your stockbroker knows.”
* “Here are the 5 things that all successful Internet marketers have in common.”
* “Why Oprah won’t leave home without this makeup item in her purse.”
* “15 popular Presidents carried a silver dollar with them. Here’s why you should too.”

9. Personify your headline by adding a bit of character to the subject.

People are naturally distrustful of advertising, especially when
it seems a bit hard to believe or when they feel disconnected
from what the headline is saying. Add a little “down home”
authenticity and watch your response rate soar.

* “N.Y. Cab Driver Discovers Secret To Better Vision”
* “How one Texas ranch hand wins 8 out of 10 poker hands”
* “Swiss Jeweler rocks the world with new simulated diamond”
* “Florida housewife bans roaches using this common pantry item”

Now that you’ve written the perfect awesome headlines, it’s time to hand
the baton over to the Article body so it can do its job.

To Your Success!

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