12 Unique Ways To Bond With Your Readers

12 Unique Ways To Bond With Your Readers

Keeping a good relationship with your readers is certainly not

bond with your readers
bond with your readers

an easy task because you have to deliver them much more than
just mass emails or recycled ideas. You have to shine the light
on them and include information that blows their minds with its

1. Listen to your readers. This might be the most obvious one
that everyone says all the time, but even those who lecture
other bloggers on the importance of it fail to do it themselves.
Listen to your readers and give them what they want. Respond to
comments, emails, and as many questions as possible. Also,
follow them on social media and perhaps acknowledge them in some
way to let them know that they are indeed #1 in your book.

2. Job leads are a win-win for everyone. The power of a job
board has an amazing effect on viewer loyalty simply because
taking a look at the new updated posts and reading the new
content becomes so convenient and life-changing. Also, a reader
that follows up on a job offer and gets the job adores you
because you led them to it.

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3. Commenters can do more. It does not take long to spot your
most loyal followers if you pay attention to your comment
section. Big chunks of text that show unwavering support for you
are not exactly an everyday thing, and the names of the person
or people doing the commenting will likely be easy to remember.
In addition to responding to these loyal followers, you can
bring them in as guest bloggers. They will undoubtedly love the
entire process and never want it to end, and you will likely end
up feeling the same way because massive articles with an
entirely fresh perspective will appear in no time at all.

4. Crafting contests for the crazy fans. As previously
mentioned, fans are always dying to get involved in what you do.
Why not continue to give them more and more ways they can show
their support and get involved? After all the goal is to build a
relationship and the best way to do that is to make them as
happy as possible. Create any type of contest you want. For
example, describe life before the product in 20 words or find
the best picture of your product possible. You can even branch
out and create contests that have nothing to do with your

5. Skype new followers. A guaranteed way to create a life-long
customer is to skype them right after they made a comment on
your blog, purchased a product or finished reading one your new
articles. Once again, they will think “wow! That is so cool,”
which will make them feel special. Bond with your readers

Even more

6. The power of the shoutouts. Much like the Skype tactic, using
people’s names and bringing them up makes them feel very
special, which strengthens the bond between you two. For
example, in one of your blogs, you might say “Joe Smith asked me
the following question the other day, and it inspired me to do
some research.”

7. Being live has its advantages. Many people shy away from live
webinars and podcasts because they are scared of messing up, but
that is almost what the followers want to see. They want to see
you be very relatable and they also would like to get
on-the-spot answers from you about certain topics.

8. Sending them mail. A reader will likely never receive a
personalized postcard or anything in the mail from the people
they are subscribed to because nobody thinks outside of the box
enough to do that. If you go ahead and do it, you almost
immediately become their favorite person in the world because
you significantly strengthen the relationship you have with them
and show that you care for them as a new actively engaged person
who puts them first.

9. Let them do the work for you. Writing a massive article like
100 tips to do _____ takes a ridiculous amount of time, but the
result is that more and more people see it and cherish you
because the information in it impacts them. You can title the
post” “100 tips to do ____” and only include 20 of them. Your
readers will love it because they have another way to show their
support and become engaged in what you do. More importantly, you
no longer have to come up with the other 80 ideas to finish the

Almost there

10. The power of the forum. Some of the biggest followings come

bond with your readers
bond with your readers

from the creator of the business or service who pushes the idea
of everyone being a family and working together accordingly. The
best tactic to create this type of feeling between you and your
readers is to put up one or more forums.

11. Ask a question. You can toss out a question and get tens of
thousands of different answers that blow your mind because they
make the question that you initially thought was rhetorical
completely the opposite. You can then take all the answers you
receive and compile them in a video or post.

12. Barter with the readers. You never know who you are
interacting with or the people who are reading what you put out
unless you ask. So do not shy away from asking your readers to
list their professions. You might even find a person that has a
skill set you need and be able to construct a deal with that
person that is very financially advantageous.


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