7 tips to a great website header

7 tips to a great website header…

A good website header radiates a type of positivity that leaves every
viewer feeling attracted to the information below it. More
importantly, it can give off a kind of look that leaves men and
women thinking they are dealing with a professional no matter
what niche they are in. So in other words, a website header is very much
like a picture in the sense that it can inspire nearly a
thousand words and those words can be either positive or
negative depending on the product that the viewer is looking at.

7 tips to a great website header
7 tips to a great website header

With that in mind,let’s go over the list of seven tips to make
any header work with you and keep the number of positive words
growing on a daily basis.

1. Great graphics are essential. Think about what a visitor on
your site wants and why they would spend their time on your
site. Is it money, food, life advice, etc…? Once you answer that
question, you can begin looking for graphics that demonstrate
the benefit of the advantages you have to offer. For example, if
you are all about baking the best cookies use the most vivid
picture that leaves everyone both hungry and curious. The same
principle applies for every skill set. However, the vision is
very different from person-to-person.

For example, if you are offering advice for attracting a larger
audience the precise image becomes much harder to spot. Do you
use a picture of a bunch of cars or do you use some diagram
where people are communicating and actively thinking of plans?
The best strategy for finding the perfect image in this type of
situation is to just ask several people that you trust to give
you an honest answer.

2. Now that you have the right idea or vision you are definitely
on the track. However, you have to find the right talent that
will work with you to bring that image to life, which means you
must find a graphic artist that you trust. The best way to get
this done quickly is to check their portfolios, make the order
very precise, and go ahead and pay the designer a couple hundred
to get it done. The investment might seem rather large, but that
image can make millions if it is done right.

3. The headline gets lost. Do not let the website name and
top-of-the-line graphic distract you or let you cut corners on
the headline or slogan. It is just as important because it tells
viewers what you are all about and inspires the same amount of
trust and curiosity as everything else. Spend just as much time
and think about what the business stands for and what will pull
people in no matter what.

4. Best keywords go in the website header. As previously mentioned the
header requires just as much work as everything else so you
should at least try to get one keyword in the header, but the
more, the merrier applies when it comes to keywords in the
header. Try to grab their attention as fast as possible and do
whatever it takes to inspire them to engage with your website
and begin exploring further.

5. Uniformity between the site and the website header. It is amazing how
many websites fail to make the header follow the same guidelines
as the site. Think about how annoying it is when you look at
different types of font and several colors around one another.
That is what happens when a person visits a site and sees 3 or 4
different colors all around one another and so many different
types of font that reading is a real hassle. All the header has
to do is use the same font as the website and follow the same
color pattern.

6. Credibility in the website header. People will run away from your
site as quickly as they can if you make claims in the header
that are completely false. For example, claiming to be the
leading authority on time travel when you are not even close is
a major problem that completely ruins all credibility and leaves
everyone putting up their guard and looking for reasons not to
like you, which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying
to accomplish with your header.

7. A simple animation with a powerful result. You do not have to
toss out one of the ridiculously flashy animations. A little
movement to catch the viewer’s attention and inspire some
further exploration is the goal.

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg

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