How to Cultivate a Winning Mindset

How to Cultivate a Winning Mindset.

Winning mindset: Let me start by asking you a simple yet very serious question.

winning mindset
winning mindset

“Do you expect to win or lose?…”

Pretty simple question one would think isn’t it? Stop and think
about it for just a second and come up with your answer.

I find that the language many of my students really are speaking
suggests that when faced with an opportunity of any description,
they don’t expect to win. Therefore, by default, they are
setting themselves up to lose.

Here is an example of what I hear when I start one of my first
coaching calls with students that just bought one of my
products, or a competitor’s product I may have recommended…

“Well, we will see how this product does for me. The last thing
I did didn’t get me any results at all, so I am hoping that I am
not getting myself in the same situation.”

Does this sound like someone that really is ready to do whatever
it takes to make this new product really work Or does it
suggest they really do not expect any different result than what
they experienced with the last product

The language you speak is simply a manifestation of the way that
your mind thinks and the belief system that it has. The words
coming out have to be thought – either consciously or

What is your language?… Is it positive or is it negative?
Does every direction you look seem to point towards failure?

Let’s do the Mirror test.

First I have another question to ask you, “What Do You See in
Your Mirror”

Do you see every imperfection, worry, or failure?… or do you
truly see the greatness you were created to walk in?

What do you hear yourself say Do you berate yourself with
comments like “I’m overweight,” and “I’m getting old” Or do you
stand tall and say “I look great!”

I really believe that a mirror reflects much more than what your
eyes see at a quick glance. If you really listen to the thoughts
going on inside your mind as you look into that mirror. I think
you will find that a mirror really reflects your inner thoughts
and your beliefs. It is a reflection into the soul.

I challenge you to next time you’re in front of a mirror to
listen to the voice inside and what it is saying…. I think you
may be surprised.

Old You

No matter what’s going on in the world, you have a choice as to
what you’re going to create in your life. Leave excuses to the
“Old You”

Trust me when I say at this point in my life I was to the point
of experiencing pain and I had a strong desire to not feel this
pain any longer. But instead of wanting to make the necessary
changes I started to deal with the pain in a different way.

I started using excuses that I felt would prevent me from
experience any more pain that would make me feel even more of a
failure than I felt like I was already.

These excuses continued even after a successful launch and they
prevented me from earning a lot of money during the next 6
months. Winning mindset.

I had and used every excuse in the book and I have also heard
them all from my coaching students since I have begun helping

It really is much easier to come up with an excuse instead of
just taking the bull by the horn as we say and getting things

What’s Your Excuse?

“I can’t give up a regular paycheck.”
“Invest? You want me to lose all my money, don’t you?”
“I don’t have any money to invest.”
“I tried that before. It’ll never work.”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“My husband would never go for it.”
“My wife would never understand.”
“What would my friends say if I fail again?”
“I’m young. I’ve still got time.”
“It’s too late for me.”
“I can’t do that.”
“I wasn’t born with a computer attached to my umbilical cord.”
“It is easier for the younger generation than it is for me.”

Now I want you to go back and read those excuses once again.
Something about these particular excuses I want you to really

Each one of these excuses gives us a reason to put up a road
block in our mind that will keep us from taking action that may
result in pain we have experienced in the past.

Excuses for winning mindset

We are also using an excuse that puts the blame on someone or
something else other than our self so that we do not feel bad
for not taking action.

If we have experienced any kind of pain or negativity from past
failure our mind will immediately begin looking for a way to
prevent the pain from re-occurring when it is faced with a
similar situation.

We don’t like to feel pain. Hey I am with you on that all the
way. But will we go ahead and take a risk or will we just listen
to these thoughts and back away from a possible negative
experience again.

Remember: People don’t change unless and until they experience
enough pain with the way things are. Only then do we say, “Hey,
enough already!”

Only then do we begin to look for new ways to figure out how to
think, feel and act in a different direction.

Only then do we stop looking for excuses that do nothing more
than set up roadblocks right in the middle of our success path
and also to try and protect us from the previous experienced
pain, so we don’t need to go through it again. Winning mindset.

To Your Success,
Erlend Solvberg
(Your online teacher)

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