Promote Affiliate Link On Social Media

Promote Affiliate Link On Social Media

Now we’re on to the free techniques that anyone can use

promote affiliate link
promote affiliate link

regardless if you have a website, an e-mail list or even any
This is an incredibly easy step!

All you have to do is go grab your affiliate link and post it on
your Facebook page and profile. I recommend that you also post
it with a mini review so that people know exactly what it is
that you’re linking to and you’re drawing in truly interested

You could use any of the pre-written articles that we have
available in the members area and cut it down a bit to customize
it so that it fits nicely on your page without taking up too
much space.

After you’ve done that, go to your Twitter page and post a
twitter message that says something like “updated my FaceBook
profiles, check them out” and then link to the pages that have
your affiliate links.

I also recommend posting your own one or two sentence blurb
about your money site as a separate twitter post and pasting in
your affiliate link.

Promote links on your free sites.

The key here is getting your affiliate link on all of your free
sites. You might also be a member of LinkedIn which is just one
of the many other Web 2.0 and social network sites.

Get your affiliate link on all of your pages, twitter about the
updates, link to your affiliate link, etc. You want to get your
link out there on as much web real estate as you possibly can so
that people can see your link and start clicking on it.

social media
social media

This is how you are going to start generating traffic and also
start generating sales.

Start thinking about all of the sites that you are a member of
that allow you to post links or text such as reviews and getting
your links and reviews on those sites as much as possible. The
more links you have the more traffic you will get.

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To Your Success!

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