How to build backlinks the good way

How to build backlinks the good way

Backlinks are the bone of our website structure and a measure of pagerank and domain Authority. To do it the right way do not have to be hard or set out to outsourcers. Just follow this simple plan an d you will benefit great from it. You can build backlinks in a few minutes.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is between your own pages within the same site or blog. First things first, do not overdo this but link to category and special posts that you want to rank for. Interlinking is the best way to get backlinks these days.

  1. build backlinks
    build backlinks

    Always link back to the top of each post

  2. Always link to the homepage of your site
  3. Always link to your category pages
  4. Always link to similar posts
  5. Always link to at least one post in each category.
  6. Always link to one of your main pages

External Linking

This is the heavy work, the rest is easy but just as powerful. It is called external linking. It is easy and very fast to do. This will not get you any backlinks however, if you use it the right way you will recive credibillity with the search engines. All you have to do is find some sites or posts with the same topic and link to their posts.

  1. Always find another blog with higher or equal Domain Authority and PageRank and link to that article.
  2. Always find a newslpaper post with the same topic and link to that
  3. Always find a Wiki with the same topic and link to that

Now you should have at least 9 links in every post you make. This do not seams like much however, in the long run you will gather very many good backlinks and other link to get your site recognized. You will benefit a lot if you do it this way. No blackhat backlinks here, just manual and safe backlinks.

Conclution to build backlinks:

Do internal linking and external linking this easy way and you will benefit from great respons in the long run and build credibillity in your niche.


To your success

Erlend Solvberg

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